Elementally Bare will be on display at the Markay Gallery from January 16 to March 7, 2020. It is composed of work from the artists Joseph G. Hamilton and Dana Elise Boggs.

Joseph G. Hamilton:

Joseph is a lifelong resident of Ohio, residing currently in the south-east corner of the state. Joe’s upbringing by a compulsive, eclectic, stay at home mother and obsessive blue-collar father has instilled creativity and attention to details in his work ethic. Influenced by his mother’s vast art text library, professional artist friends, and National Geographic Magazines strewn about the childhoods home, Joe has developed a fascination with the diversity of the human form. He is a six-year veteran of The U.S. Navy, serving as a combat medic, hospital corpsman, and x-ray technician. Four years on board and aircraft carrier traveling the Atlantic Ocean, enlightened his view of many cultures and peoples. Working comfortably in multiple mediums and extensive media, Joe focuses most of his attention on 3D Design and sculptural forms. Exhibition artistry, outdoor sculpture, and part time educator are Joseph’s focus as a professional in the diverse world of art.


Artist’s statement

Elementally Bare is an exploration of the human form and condition. In my series, Bodies Modified, cultural beauty and acceptance is represented by one’s willingness to modify their body in extreme ways. Most of these practices are still observed today in cultures around the world. My ever-evolving body of work, Disturbed Perfection, reflects the flawed nature of such a perfect creation…us.



Dana Elise Boggs:

Dana Elise Boggs is a life-long resident of Ohio and the single mother of two beautiful, grown daughters. Dana’s childhood was influenced by her artist mother and grandmother, Her mother was always involved un something creative, from making costumes for Halloween or a school play, baking and decorating cakes, and painting with her delicate stroke. Dana’s grandmother owned a fabrics and craft store where she offered classes in sewing, craft making, and painting.

Dana works in a variety of media, which begun with baking and elaborately decorating cakes. With a subtle minimalistic and abstract approach, she creates work in which fascination with the clarity of content and an uncompromising attitude towards conceptual and minimal art can be found. Dana works in several mediums, but her focus is 3D design and sculpture.


Artist’s Statement

Elementally Bare is an exploration of the human form and condition. My work represents life’s everyday pressures and liberties. Whether it be the idea of being pushed down or rising above, the relationship between the two is indisputable.


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