Holiday closure announcement

The Markay Cultural Arts Center will be closed December 24, 2016 to January 2, 2017 in observance of the Christmas and New Year’s holidays.

Tickets can be purchased at www.markayjackson.org.

Dailey’s “What If” work on display at the Markay

JACKSON— The Markay Cultural Arts Center welcomes artist Kathryn “Kit” Edwards Dailey on Friday, November 11 at 7 p.m. with a Meet the Artist opening reception. Dailey’s show “What If” will be on display from November 11 to December 18.

Kit Dailey’s acrylic piece “Sea View” is on display.

Kit Dailey’s acrylic piece “Sea View” is on display.

“Whimsical is the one single word that best describes my painting style,” explained Dailey. “I try to portray the brighter side of life.  Although I take many photographs and have a nice reference file most of my paintings are imaginary,” she added. “Often I begin with a very sane idea, and see how it can be developed into something a little unusual. Sometimes I rely on bright colors and simple shapes to tell the story.”

Kit Dailey’s acrylic piece “Painting Class” is on display.

Kit Dailey’s acrylic piece “Painting Class” is on display.

“I call myself a “what if” painter and not a “what is” painter. I often tell a whimsical story using watercolor on Arches paper.  Sometimes I use acrylic on a gallery wrap canvas. My paintings are filled with bright happy colors and positive thoughts,” Dailey said.

Dailey’s show features a number of her creations, as well as a special section of the show that addresses What If” you wanted to become an artist and the process to learn how to create various art applications.


Dailey, a Jackson resident, hopes people walk away from her paintings thinking, they would like to visit there, or perhaps chuckling at some idea that had never occurred to them.

Kit Dailey’s acrylic piece “Lighthouse” is on display.

Kit Dailey’s acrylic piece “Lighthouse” is on display.

Dailey was born and raised in Columbus. She married Dan Dailey and they have two sons. After graduating from Miami University, she taught in the South-Western City School District. While living in Athens, she substituted in the Athens School District and served on the Dairy Barn Cultural Art Center board. When the family moved to Jackson, Dailey served on the board of Southern Hills Arts Council and as Chairman for the Foothills Arts Festival. She currently serves as the vice president of the Ohio Watercolor Society.

Kit Dailey’s acrylic piece “Who’s That Knocken’ at the Door?” is on display.

Kit Dailey’s acrylic piece “Who’s That Knocken’ at the Door?” is on display.

The couple enjoys visiting with their sons, their wives and grandchildren. They also enjoy traveling and have been to every state and many foreign countries.

The Markay Cultural Arts Center is located at 269 E. Main St., Jackson. The gallery is open Wednesday to Friday from noon to 5 pm. and Saturday and Sunday from 1 to 3 p.m. The Markay is a project of the Southern Hills Arts Council. For more information visit www.southernhillsartscouncil.com or www.markayjackson.com

35th annual Foothills Arts Festival Award Winners

The following awards were given during the 35th annual Foothills Arts Festival, which was held October 13-16, 2016 at Canter’s Cave 4-H Camp.

The winners were:

Best of Show: “Mi Amore” by Molly Markley of Jackson, OH

Oil/Acrylic Category

1st Place: “Coming off the North Slope” by Alan Gough of Chillicothe, OH

2nd Place: “7 Hens” by Duane A. Campbell of Beaver, OH

3rd Place: “I’ll Leave a Light On” by Molly Markley of Jackson, OH

Honorable Mention:

“The Wooden Bowl”  by Sharon Asher of Wurtland, KY

“Morning Rounds”  by Alan Gough of Chillicothe, OH

“Autumn Wary”  by Evelyn Pierson of Jamestown, OH

“Convergence, Blackwater Trail to the North Branch” by John Victor of Chillicothe, OH

Ellensmere Thaw”  by Alan Gough of Chillicothe, OH

Icon of a Bygone Era”  by Paul Brown of Jackson, OH

September Hay Bales” by Patrick Sims of Chillicothe, OH

Mixed Media/Prints Category

1st Place: ” Above the Earth” by  Carol Mazurek of Huntington, WV

2nd Place: “Fallout” by Joy Duffy of Gallipolis, OH

3rd Place: “RIP Lemmy” by Barb Ables of Gallipolis, OH

Honorable Mention:

Flight” by Trevin Wyant of Jackson, OH

Under the Sea” by Carol Mazurek of Huntington, WV

The First Supper” by Rhonda McQuay of Chillicothe, OH

End of the Line” by Shane Shanton of Ray, OH

Pastel/Drawing Category

1st Place: “Isabella 22”  by Gerry Enrico of Point Pleasant, WV

2nd Place: “In the Green” by Merry Cibula of Athens, OH

3rd Place: “Woodland Marsh” by Virginia Carvour of Columbus, OH

Honorable Mention:

“What Attitude?” by Sandra Pence of Hillsboro, OH

“Pasture Barn (Fall)”  by Roger Chapin of Kingston, OH

“Freedom of Speech” by Gerry Enrico of Point Pleasant, WV

Photography Category

1st Place: “The Fisherman” by Cynthia Neeley of Portsmouth, OH

2nd Place: “Mornings New Life” by Marisa Sanders of Gallipolis, OH

3rd Place: “On Camera” by  Wendy Argabright of Jackson, OH

Honorable Mention:

“Ghost Ranch: Approaching Storm” by Angie Terry of Chillicothe, OH

“Broken Pieces (Blenko Glass)” by Pam DeCamp of Wheelersburg, OH

“Breakthrough” by Effie Mullins of Wellston, OH

“Wilderness” by Greg Buening of Cincinnati, OH

“Beach Cathedral” by  Dwight Shumate of Jackson, OH

Enhanced Photography Category

1st Place: “Abandoned Dream” by Marisa Sanders of Gallipolis, OH

2nd Place: “The Astrotourist” by  Jesse Thornton of Huntington, WV

3rd Place: “Ancient Symbols – Modern Art” by Greg Buening of Cincinnati, OH

Honorable Mention:

“Thurmond Sunset” by Jesse Thornton  of Huntington, WV

“The Traveler” by  Joseph G. Hamilton of Patriot, OH

“Tabby Church Ruins” by Greg Buening of Cincinnati, OH

Three Dimensional Category

1st Place (ALSO Best of Show): “Mi Amore” by Molly Markley of Jackson, OH

2nd Place: “Experimental Surface Design Techniques” by Sharon Eley of Chillicothe, OH

3rd Place: “USS Lung Cancer Ship” by Joyce Skaggs of Portsmouth, OH

Honorable Mention:

“Wooden Bowl” by  Dwight H. Jenkins of Oak Hill, OH

“Bear” by Robert Pugh of Wellston, OH

“Collections” by Keri Lawrence of Pomeroy, OH

“Venomous” by Angie Terry of Chillicothe, OH

Watercolor Category

1st Place: “Friends of Long Standing” by  Evelyn Pierson of  Jamestown, OH

2nd Place: “Michigan Winery” by Sandra Pence of Hillsboro, OH

3rd Place: “Eruption”by Vivian Ripley of  Columbus, OH

Honorable Mention:

Campground – Late Afternoon” by Vivian Ripley of Columbus, OH

Peachy” by  Barbara Delligatti of Huntington, WV

Tigers” by  Connie Barrett of Hillsboro, OH

Gertie” by Sandra Pence of Hillsboro, OH

Still Life with African Figure” by Peter Heidtman of Nelsonville, OH


The 36th annual Foothills Arts Festival is already in the planning stages. Information for the 2017 event will be released this Spring.

Richard Moore Art Exhibit in Markay Gallery

The Southern Hills Arts Council is proud tohouse_higby_road showcase the work of Richard Moore at The Markay Cultural Arts Center in Jackson, Ohio beginning September 29, 2016.

Richard Alan Moore was born and raised in Chillicothe, Ohio, where he has lived nearly all his life. When the sun is up, he is a painter. When the sun is down, he’s a singer of songs. And, while he gets a great deal of satisfaction from both forms of expression, he feels his artistic ability is a more natural gift and his greater strength.

Richard attended the Columbus College of Art and Design, and later graduated from Ohio Unrest_stopiversity’s College of Communication with an interest in Visual Communication. While working a job in multimedia, he rediscovered his joy of painting with a move toward plein air. Richard found the process influenced his studio work, and he continues to be excited by his discoveries.
Richard believes his hometown, and the landscape around it, is as beautiful as nature has to offer. He’s constantly reminded of the area’s deep history and finds no lack of subjects for his art. Richard paints outside, immersed in nature. He paints inside, inspired by what he’s seen, and aided by studies and photos.

Richard is primarily an oil painter. He strives to recreate atmosphere and luminance in his paintings by applying thin layers of paint and varying levels of transparency. As Richard gained more confidence in his approach, he increased the speed with which he works, giving each brushstroke a fresher, more expressive quality.past_tree_right

Richard also works with watercolors. In addition to landscapes, he enjoys portraiture and still life.

Previous Exhibitions: Grinders (with John K. Victor), Chillicothe, Ohio; Pump House Center for the Arts (with John K. Victor), Chillicothe, Ohio; Parkview Gallery, Chillicothe, Ohio; Pump House Center for the Arts, Chillicothe, Ohio; Ohio University, Chillicothe, Ohio

Join Mr. Moore and others for an Opening Reception at the Markay Cultural Arts Center Gallery on Thursday, September 29 at 7:00 p.m. The Markay is located at 269 E. Main Street in Jackson. The Richard Moore Exhibit will be on display from Sept. 29 through Nov. 5. Regular Gallery hours are Wednesday through Friday-noon to 5 p.m., Sat. & Sun.-1:00 to 3:00 p.m. Call the Southern Hills Arts Council for more information at 740-286-6355 or visit online at www.southernhillsartscouncil.org.